Some villagers in Binyang have woven water hyacinth into handicrafts,Hot selling at home and abroad

Time: 2018-06-04 11:09:37

Water hyacinth is a kind of plant that harms the water source environment. It can be in the hands of the villagers in Yangshan village of Wuling Town, Binyang County, but they have different value - the villagers use the water hyacinth to weave into more than 20 countries and regions.

71 year old Wei Tian Xiong is Yang Shan village water hyacinth weaving business larger villagers. Reporters saw in his home, a pile of various kinds of water hyacinth weaving semi finished products, neatly stacked in the small courtyard. Several elderly people sitting at the door were weaving handicrafts with water hyacinth. Wei Tianxiong said that since 2002, he has been weaving water hyacinth crafts in addition to planting rice. As for the raw material of water hyacinth, there are special people to deliver the door, some are local growing water hyacinth, some are growing in Vietnam water hyacinth, although the two kinds of water hyacinth are slightly different, but the price difference is not big. Weaving water hyacinth is calculated on the basis of refunding wages, because the frame structure is different, the amount of material is also different, each person weaving 5 kilograms a day or so.

Under the impetus of Wei Tianxiong, many villagers also joined the team of knitting water hyacinth crafts. At most, more than 100 villagers worked for him, and they could weave 500 kilograms of water hyacinth handicraft products every day. After that, he sent the semi-finished products to the county craftwork factory for processing, through the disinfection, color, label, packaging and other process procedures, is a qualified handicraft. In recent years, because of the rising price of raw materials, the cost of manual labor has not risen. Many villagers are unwilling to do so. Only a few old people are still knitting. Yu Jinying, 68, told reporters: "children go out to work and take their grandchildren out. I don't do anything at home. I can get about ten dollars a day and more than 300 dollars a month."

Reporters at a knitting handicraft factory in Binyang County saw that there were more than 100 kinds of mandrill and rattan crafts, and water hyacinth was the most used material. "In Binyang, we have ten large scale handicraft factories and nearly 20 thousand employees." The owner of the factory said that the product sales have been sold to more than 20 countries and regions, such as Canada, the United States, South Korea and Japan, and the market in Shanxi, Tianjin, Fujian and other places in China.